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Algal Fertilizer Pellets

Plant Growth Study

Gross-Wen Technologies partnered with Iowa State University to perform a plant growth study comparing our algae pellets to other store bought fertilizers.   

What does full-scale look like?

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Our Approach to Clean Water

Gross-Wen Technologies uses its patent pending wastewater treatment technology, known as the revolving algal biofilm system (RAB), to cost effectively address the new nutrient standards that are being enforced at municipalities nation wide. Our system uses algae to recover nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. Compared to other nutrient treatment options our system is a fraction of the cost and produces algae biomass which can be sold as a slow release algal fertilizer. Overall the process is carbon negative, making it the most sustainable approach to treat nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. 

Applications for RAB Treatment System

Small Towns
  • Ammonia Recovery
  • CBOD
Medium/Large Cities
  • Total Nitrogen Recovery
  • Total Phosphorus Recovery
  • Total Nitrogen Recovery
  • Total Phosphorus Recovery
  • CBOD
  • Toxic Metals