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Dr. Darren Jarboe, MBA

Co-Founder, VP business Development

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Our Mission

At Gross-Wen Technologies, our mission is simple: To develop a water treatment process that is sustainable, effective and affordable 

Dr. Zhiyou Wen

Founder, CTO

Dr. Martin Gross
Founder, CEO

Our Pledge

Here at Gross-Wen Technologies we are striving to reinvent the way that nutrient pollutants are viewed.

Gross-Wen Technologies is an Iowa-based company working to solve one of the world’s largest problems, water quality. The company was founded in 2013 by Dr. Martin Gross and Dr. Zhiyou Wen, and is based on a technology they developed at Iowa State University. The algae system is capable of cost effectively recovering nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. Martin and Zhiyou brought on Dr. Darren Jarboe as a co-founder in fall 2014.

Dave Furbush, MBA

Strategic Angel Investor